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About HSB

We are a cooperative organisation, owned by the members, operating in property development and property management. We focus on providing good and functional living. The revenue generated by HSB is invested back into the business.

HSB Facts 2021

  • 674 000 members
  • 4 100 housing HSB tenant owned cooperative housing association
  • 120 305 home-savers
  • 346 413 flats in HSB housing cooperatives
  • 26 069 rental flats
  • 4,3 billion sek - the total sum of the home-saving capital 

Creating Value

Our mission is to create Good Living together with the members, focusing on what is beneficial for them as well as taking their influence/opinions into account. Everything we do is founded on taking responsibility for our residents as well for society in general. HSB meets the needs of the members of today and tomorrow.

Our Impact on Society

HSB is taking our part of responsability for the progress in society. We are a passionate advocate for a sustainable future. Our focus is on increasing the value of the HSB membership as well as the customer offering, compromising of a variety of our other sustainable products and services. In addition, HSB aims to minimize the industry´s foot print impacting the environment and climate. A growing number of HSB members give us an even better possibility to influence society in a positive way.