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HSB’s housing co-operatives form a strong, common organisation. As an ethically responsible organisation, HSB wants to be an active model within the industry in climate issues and to be at the forefront of the development of a sustainable housing sector.

The national association

The HSB National Federation is the HSB Associations’ central members organisation and interest group within HSB. Its main task is to promote the financial interests of its members.

The HSB associations

At present there are 31 HSB Associations in Sweden, each with a varying number of local housing co-operatives and home-saver members.The HSB Associations are responsible for the members organisation within their own tenant-owners’ associations, and they carry out new HSB building projects. They also offer technical, financial and administrative management services to both HSB tenant-owners’ associations and other property owners.

Our climate strategy and agreement

HSB’s climate effort is forceful, focusing on co-operation and progress. The enterprise entails active opinion-shaping together with other actors in society, and furthermore a change of the energy system within HSB. The transformation is aimed at increased energy conservation and increased utilization of renewable energy sources.

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