Broadband, telephony, TV

We have a shared access agreement with Telenor for internet and landline telephony. For TV we have a shared access agreement with Com Hem. These costs are included in the monthly fee for your tenant-owned apartment. With a shared agreement, the cost per household is approx. halv the cost if you'd sign a separate agreement.

Our broadband speed is 250 Mbit/s, up- and downstream. An upgrade to 500/500 costs approx. 150 kr/month and you pay this on top of what you pay for the shared access. You can also upgrade to 1000/1000. Check with Telenor for updated prices.

You will need an upgraded router for the faster broadband. Telenor will supply you with a new router, free of charge. You only pay for shipping.

Our shared agreement includes a wireless router, free data, and 5 email addresses per household.

Did you just move in?  Then you need to activate your broadband by contacting Telenor. Do that a week or so before you move in, and everything will be in place when you’re here. In order to activate, Telenor needs the MAC number on your router.

Email addresses
Contact Telenor’s helpdesk to register an address.

Contact Telenor


Our shared access agreement includes the fixed subscription fee. You pay for your calls.

Our shared agreement with Com Hem is included in your monthly fee for your tenant-owned apartment. We have the channel bundle called “Small”. All channels are digital. If you want to subscribe to Viasat or Cmore, you don’t have to pay for the basic fee – it’s included.

For more information, contact Com Hem at, or call 08-90 222.