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What is HSB Living Lab?

How should we live in the future? HSB Living Lab is a research and demonstration arena which also includes homes for students and guest researchers. The building will be located on the Chalmers campus and be completed in 2015.

The aim of this exciting project is to create knowledge of a more sustainable lifestyle in the home. We want to create innovations on site which will help to enhance the quality of present and future homes and buildings. HSB Living Lab will provide a venue for enhanced understanding of sustainability.

Chalmers University of Technology, Johanneberg Science Park and Akademiska Hus are just a few of our project partners.

A flexible building in which most things can be replaced!

HSB Living Lab is planned to involve a four-storey building that can be dismantled. There will be a residential section offering homes and an exhibition section for offices, meeting rooms, a showroom for research results, a laundry room, etc.

The façade will be replaceable to an extent as testing various different façade materials may be of interest. This may also apply to other external or internal parts of the building, where options for testing various materials and solutions may be required.

A building which takes a holistic approach to future living

Short and long-term research projects will be taking place inside HSB Living Lab throughout the project’s ten-year life span. The project as a whole will provide a new, forward-thinking feel of a home environment, and our intention is to take a holistic approach to living. This means that sustainability - among other things - is central to our research. We can present our research results in exhibition areas in the building. These exhibitions will provide a venue for enhancing understanding of sustainable solutions, along with an area which is always accessible to anyone who is interested in our research.

Students to live in research projects

This project is sometimes referred to as the third generation of Living Lab. This means we will have students living in the research building – various research projects will actually be ongoing while they live there. These projects may involve anything from new materials to surveys linked to behaviour in the accommodation. We can test on a small but real scale in HSB Living Lab. The results will then be kept on display in the exhibition area. The materials and methods tested for our homes may then result in improved quality when we build and renovate accommodation in general.

Our solutions may be products or services, they must focus on our members, and the results may be useful for both existing and new homes.

To find out more, contact:
Sanna Edling, sustainability officer and project manager, HSB Living Lab, sanna.edling@hsb.se