Here is information in English about the latest news from our association, for those who do not speak Swedish.

On Nov 17th there was a break-in attempt in our sauna. On Nov 24th a swastika was painted in Harpsundsvägen 121. On Nov 25th the picture of a penis was painted in Harpsundsvägen 117. All these actions have been reported to the police and are now dealt with. Garbage in the basement passages Garbage is under no circumstances allowed in our basement passages due to a risk of fire. This is not a new rule. Each member is now forced to pay the cost of transportation for all garbage that sadly a few members have put in the bassement.

Extended wash sessions:
It is from now possible to book two laundry sessions per apartment and week. This might mean that it will be harder to find free sessions to book and we will handle that situation if/when it arrives. Telenor new speed 500 X 500 Mbit/s From Jan 1st 2023 all members will have a new speed in the broadband net. Dial 020-222 222 to ask Telenor to send you a new router. Relining for horizontal pipes. All work is now done in Trollesundsvägen 155-163, och 167-181. Work is ongoing on Trollesundsvägen 137-153. The work will take about 3-4 weeks. All residents in port 137-153 are urged to keep an eye on notifications in the port when the relining company needs to have access to a storage room. 

Home Solutions
Home Solutions have changed their system so none of our members can no longer check how much electricity we are all using. We are waiting for an update and hope to hear from them soon. For many years we have charged 1,30 kr/kWh and this will now increase to 1,45 kr/kWh from Jan 1, 2023.

Survey about charging stations
The survey that was carried out did not really give a clear response. Either we could install charging boxes in all parkinglots but this is very expensive or we could install 2 stations. Installing 2 stations is a smaller investment but requires an appropriate technical solution. We will get back with more info soon.

Gym / Sauna:
To gain access to the gym/sauna in 2023 you need to apply through email to: service.stockholm@hsb.se or use the contact form on: https://www.hsb.se/stockholm/omhsb/kontakt/kontakt/ You need to state your name, apartment number, adress and personal number. 60 Sek/month is charged for access to the gym and sauna.

The association is still favored by the low interest rate situation in Sweden. Our economy is stable.