Information in English on latest news

Information in English:
As we have recently discovered, not all members in our association speak Swedish, we have therefore put together a page in English.



Our employees:

During October our employees will hand over all their working tasks to a new external entrepreneur who will take over maintenance of the buildings and gardens from Nov 1st. Mikael’s last day will be on Sep 26th.


Sten and Anders will work all through October to hand over all working tasks to the new supplier. Their last day will be on October 31st.


Property office
The staff is available:

Monday-Thursday at 06.30-16.00 on both phone and mail. Fridays, they are available  from 06:30 to 13:00.

Sten:   0720-238 124 

Anders:  0769-469 124
Micke:  0769-414 124



Measurements in the gardens
During the summer HSB has been contracted to measure our gardens properly for a future update of all our gardens.



Relining for horizontal pipes.

Relining work has started at Trolles 165-181 and will take 3-4 weeks.


Cleaning agreement

Our present cleaning agreement will run through December but will after that be changed. During the past few months the cleaning has deteriorated. More info will come when we have a new supplier.


Survey about charging stations 

A survey will be handed out shortly to investigate the need to implement charging stations in our associations.

New apartments:

All 10 new apartmens have now been inspected and approved. All of them are now for sale at Hemnet.

Construction waste in the gardens

All members can put out construction waste in the garden for a maximum of 2 weeks. After that all waste material should be paid and transported by each individual themselves. Any member who do not follow this rule will be charged after transportation has been carried out by the Board.

Garbage dump:

On October 5th – Harpsundsvägen 117-135 the garbage dump will be closed.


In November the last garbage dumps will be closed on Harpsundsvägen 137-165.

All food waste should be thrown in our environmental building in accordance with instructions.


Neighborhood forum:

HSB has launched a new channel for members to get in touch with the Board. Log in on Mitt HSB/Grannforum by opening the web browser and type in:  and then follow the intstuctions.



The facebook page is run by the election planners and not by the Board. Therefore The Board do not reply on that page.



The association is still favored by the low interest rate situation in Sweden. Our economy is stable.