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    Looking for an apartment to rent from HSB Uppsala?


    1. Click "Sök boende" here on our website.
    2. Enter Uppsala in the search box and select ”Uppsala, Län”. Tap ”Sök”
    3. You get a search result.
    4. You can subscribe to an e-mail that will be sent to you when a vacant apartment becomes available. To start a subscription, click ”Prenumerera på sökningen” and follow the directions.
    5. You must make an application for each apartment you are interested in by completing a registration of interest form under the apartment in question. You must be a member of HSB Uppsala in order to register your interest.
    6. If you are offered an apartment, we will contact you.  


    How are rental apartments allocated?

    Home-saving members have priority
    Our vacant apartments are first made available to members who are home-savers. Home-savers who have the most saving points and who register their interest in a vacant apartment are given first choice. Home-saving points are registered on the last day of each month.

    Next in line are members not saving for a home.
    Then it is the turn of our members who are not saving for a home. If no home-savers are interested in the vacant apartment, the member with the longest membership has first choice.

    What is needed in order to get a rental apartment?

    You must:

    • Be a member of HSB Uppsala
    • Have reached the age of 18 years
    • Have a Swedish personal identity number
    • Your income must be at least three times the rent. Accepted as income are:
    1. income from employment
    2. study allowance from CSN
    3. a pension
    4. payments from the Unemployment Fund/National Insurance Office (which are based on employment earnings)

    Social security benefits or equivalent economic support are not accepted as income. If your income is not in the correct proportion to the rent, approval can be obtained via a guarantor. The guarantor must be able to provide proof of an income of at least five times the rent.

    • You must not have a payment default record. However, if the payment defaults are minor, you may obtain approval through a guarantor and a debt repayment schedule.
    • You must not have complaints lodged against you relating to disturbance at any previous occupancy.
    • You may not have any other accommodation. If you do, that accommodation must be given up. This must be verified before signing the rental contract and have been completed before moving in.

    Approved proof of identity must always be provided when signing the contract. If you are offered an apartment, you must be able to confirm your income through an employer’s statement showing income details. We also make a credit worthiness check of all applicants.

    How long will apartments remain on the website?

    A closing date for registering interest is shown for each available apartment.
    Apartments are normally advertised for seven days, but this can vary depending on whether these include public holidays.

    What happens if I reject the offer?

    You have the right to reject an offer of accommodation five times over a period of 12 months. If you reject an offer more than five times, you will be blocked from registering interest in vacant housing for half a year.

    Those who accept offered accommodation but then change their mind are blocked from registering further interest for the following six months. Queue time is not affected.

    How do I become a member?

    Go to hsb.se/blimedlem and enter your details. As soon as you have paid your membership fee, you will gain access to all HSB membership benefits.

    How do I start home-saving with HSB?

    Find information about how to start home-saving with HSB here.

    How long must I save for a home in order to obtain a rental apartment?

    The number of points needed depends on how many home-savers are interested in the particular apartment for which you are applying.

    Home-saving points Uppsala
    At this page you will see how many home-saving points were required for the apartments that we allocated over the last few months in Uppsala. Select the desired address.

    Home-saving points Enköping
    At this page you will see how many home-saving points were required for the apartments that we allocated over the last few months in Enköping. Select the desired address.

    What happens to my home-saving points if I accept a rental apartment?

    If you are granted a rental apartment on the basis of your home-saving points, the points return to zero when the first legally-binding agreement is signed.

    Zeroing home-saving points applies only to rental apartments. If the money remains in your home-saving account, the remaining points can give you priority to newly-produced tenant-owner apartments. If you continue home-saving after exercising your right to be prioritised for a rental apartment, you will be given a new home-saving point for each 100 kronor you save for both of your priorities. This means that you can have different numbers of home-saving points for your turn for newly-produced housing and for rental properties.

    Read more under ‘Så fungerar det’.

    I’m in urgent need of an apartment!

    We have no emergency allocation of apartments. All our apartments are allocated first of all to members who are home-savers.

    Can I make use of a relative’s membership of HSB?

    A transfer can be made to a husband, wife, cohabitant, registered partner, parent, sibling, child or grandchild.

    It is also possible to transfer to a husband/wife/cohabitant/registered partner’s child, as well as through division of an estate, inheritance or will.

    The home-saving member whose points are to be used must transfer membership and capital to the person signing the contract for the rental apartment. The transfer must be completed before you apply for an apartment.

    It is not possible to combine points from several home-savers to one and the same person.

    When are the apartments renovated?

    An apartment is always rented out in its existing condition. A decision regarding renovation is taken when the apartment is inspected when the previous occupant moves out.

    May I sublet?

    Subletting is permitted in certain circumstances, for example, when studying/working at another location or if you wish to try living with a partner. Permission from HSB is required.

    How long is the period of notice?

    For moving out, the period of notice is three full calendar months. This can be shortened if the tenant moving out wishes and if the new tenant agrees to move in earlier.

    How do I log onto the HSB Portal?

    You cannot create your own login to ‘My pages’ in the HSB Portal. Instead, you will be allocated one when you contact HSB Uppsala.

    You are given a login if:

    • You register an interest in a vacant rental apartment via ‘Search housing’
    • You are a tenant
    • You have a tenant-owner apartment
    • You are a member
    • You are a home-saver
    • You are a Board member in a housing association

    Your user name is always your ten-digit personal ID number (YYMMDDXXXX). The first time you access the HSB Portal you will receive a password sent to your e-mail or via regular mail, depending on the contact details we have for you. It is a good idea to log in, go to ‘My profile’ and change the password to one that is easier to remember.

    If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgotten password’ when logging in and a new password will be sent to you.

    If you receive a new password but still cannot log in, send an e-mail describing the issue to support@hsbportalen.se

    Take care to ensure that all your contact details under ‘My profile’ are correct so that you do not miss out on any information.

    Also, check the box for receiving notifications under ‘My profile’ and you will receive an e-mail as soon as anything new happens. In this way, you avoid having to log in to find out what is happening and what new information is shown there.

    Keys and tags

    If you live in a tenant-owner apartment
    All questions regarding keys and tags are answered by your estate manager.

    If you live in a rental apartment
    All questions regarding keys and tags are answered by the rental contact Helena Rosvall.

    Garage and parking spaces

    If you live in a tenant-owner apartment
    All questions regarding garages and parking spaces are dealt with by your estate manager.

    If you live in a rental apartment
    All questions regarding garages and parking spaces are dealt with by the rental contact Helena Rosvall.