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Välkommen till HSB


Are you thinking about your or someone in your family’s future home? If yes, HSB may be an option for you. Today, over 100,000 members are home-saving with HSB. With us, you can save money while also having the opportunity to be prioritised for a new home.

HSB has both rented housing and tenant-owned apartments throughout Sweden, and there is something for everyone. We are a co-operative membership association with over half a million members. As a member of HSB, you are one of its owners, and can participate and have an influence – both on your own housing situation and what happens around it. It’s important to us that you can live safely.

By home-saving with HSB, you get the opportunity to save for your future home*. Furthermore, you can get double priority – both to our around 25,000 rented housing homes and to new-built homes across the country.

* In Sweden, banks tend to require that you’ve saved up 15 % of the price of the home to grant you a loan.

How to Start Home-Saving

  1. Become a member of HSB - Information in Swedish
  2. Start home-saving - Information in Swedish
  3. Choose a form of saving - Information in Swedish

Did You Know That:


Legal Information

Swedbank is the account-holding bank for HSB’s home-saving. As per a decision by the Swedish National Debt Office, the HSB Home-Saving Account and the HSB Fixed-Rate Account are included in the state deposit guarantee. Each customer is entitled to compensation for their total account balance in the bank by a sum equivalent to no more than 950,000 SEK. The Swedish National Debt Office pays compensation within seven working days from the day that the bank is declared bankrupt or from when Finansinspektionen decides that the guarantee should take effect. Swedbank is the account-holding bank for the HSB Home-Saving Account and the HSB Fixed-Rate Account.