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About HSB

HSB is Sweden’s biggest federation of cooperative housing, and we are owned and run by our members. We strive to improve the housing situation by building new cooperative apartments and rented homes, developing, and managing existing residences and providing home-saving solutions that enable people to find and buy their own homes.

HSB Facts 2023

  • 676 649 members
  • 4 136 housing HSB tenant owned cooperative housing association
  • 124 483 home-savers
  • 344 988 flats in HSB housing cooperatives
  • 26 820 rental flats
  • 4,8 billion sek - the total sum of the home-saving capital 

We are driven not by the search for short-term profits, but by the long-term interests of our members. This gives us unique opportunities to develop housing in all parts of Sweden. 

HSB looks at the big picture. In partnership with other players in the industry, and in close collaboration with local councils, we are keen to play an active role in promoting socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable urban development.

Founded in 1923 

HSB was founded in 1923 as an innovative cooperative organisation focused on providing better housing and giving people more influence over their own housing situation. There was a major housing shortage in Sweden at that time, and HSB’s mission was to offer members family-friendly homes that were good value for money and featured a range of practical and innovative solutions.

Today, more than a million people in Sweden have a home “under HSB’s roof”, and we continue to build new housing throughout the country, focusing on good locations, carefully considered architecture, modern layouts, and attractive environments – both indoors and out. 

New housing throughout Sweden

Our goal is to build in line with the Silver Environmental Building Standard (Miljöbyggnad Silver). This entails planning the homes to meet stringent energy requirements, then using healthy materials to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact and a good indoor climate. We also remain on site, managing the properties via our comprehensive range of facility services.

An HSB new build is a secure investment for all stakeholders, as well as for the housing cooperatives and buyers who are our customers. Independent industry surveys reveal that we register a string of satisfied buyers year after year. We market our homes online via, which also features one of the most popular search engines in the sector for finding a new home. 

Moreover, we provide a security guarantee whereby, inter alia, we guarantee that housing cooperatives will not take a financial hit on account of non-paid deposits or annual fees. For example, HSB purchases any apartments that remain unsold after the moving in date.

HSB lowers the threshold for people looking to buy a home

HSB lowers the threshold for people looking to buy a home through initiatives such as HSB’s home saving accounts that grants priority to our newly built housing cooperatives and rented housing all over Sweden. Becoming a home saver with HSB is also a smart way to save up for the cash deposit.

In addition to developing and managing housing, we work continuously with a variety of innovative concepts – such as HSB Living Lab and HSB Dela (Share) – where we take responsibility for the future. HSB Living Lab focuses on research into sustainability and the housing of the future and has launched more than 100 projects since 2016. Initiatives such as this enable us to guarantee that HSB will continue to take the lead in the context of innovation and developing the housing of the future for our children and grandchildren. Our award-winning initiative HSB Dela is intended for people in the 18–29 age group, giving them the opportunity to buy their first home with only half the cash deposit.

Secure, sustainable, and innovative homes

As the largest federation of cooperative housing in Sweden, we hold a significant responsibility. Our work with sustainability demands a long-term approach. That is why HSB wants to reduce our dependence on limited resources; by 2040 have net-zero climate impact and be adapted to the changing climate; have sustainable services and products; and reflect society's diversity and contribute to creating a safe society.

For almost a century now, HSB has strived to develop secure, sustainable, and innovative homes. In partnership with our members, we are building the homes of the future. And we hope to continue doing so for another century at least.