Welcome to Brf Slottsskogen

We hope you will feel at home with us, your new neighbours.

The approval by the Board of your membership application will finalise the purchase of your apartment.


As the new owner, you will take over full responsibility for the maintenance of the apartment. You will receive an ”Avflyttningsprotokoll”, an inspection report showing the failings and faults, if any, of your apartment. Information regarding which parts to be managed by you and which claims to be managed by the Association can be found here >> 

 If you plan to restore or do any significant maintenance – you must read the information about this before you start.


The Board will contact you for an introduction meeting, which will be held before you move in. At this meeting, you will receive all information regarding the Association – everything from the organisation of the Association to how to book the laundry room. This meeting is mandatory


We organise guided tours to visit all facilities such as guestrooms, assembly room, sauna, garbage disposal rooms, gym etc. Both new and old members are welcome. See the Kalendarium for the next occasion. Find your way into the building.


Our monthly Magazine Slottsskogsnytt – every month (except July) with current information. Every other Tuesday, you can also meet members of the Board in the office, Föreningsexpedition, Övre Husargatan 39.


You will reach the Board by emailing exp@brfslottsskogen.se 


When something is broken or not working, please get in touch with HSB Felanmälan or phone 010-442 24 24. Please note that you, as the owner, are to solve some issues, and you need to pay for them to be taken care of. The Association pays some. You will be informed if there is a cost for you.

In case of an emergency, call 112.