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Vision, mission and core values

HSB was founded in 1923 with the idea of offering better housing. The homes would be built and managed by the members in accordance with the cooperative principles. This is still our idea – we call it Good Living and is the foundation for our vision, mission and core values.


We strive to be the most reputable organisation within housing management.


To create good accommodation in cooperation with HSB members.

Core Values

Commitment – HSB is dedicated to creating room for collaboration and member influence by engaging in all aspects of life for both the individual and society.

Security – Together with our members, we create a sense of security believing that everyone should be able to live life according to one´s own wishes.

Sustainability – Sustainability is a common idea in all areas of our business.

Compassion – HSB does so much more than build and manage housing. We care about life within and between the houses.

Collaboration – The collaboration between people forms the foundation of all aspects of HSB.