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The paper rental slip is digital – Choose one of our eco-friendly and free of charge invoice services

Everyone living in an HSB rental apartment will no longer get their invoice in paper by mail. By removing the physical invoice, we are together making a contribution to the environment, saving approximately 9000 printed sheets of paper on a yearly basis.

All our invoice options are free of charge and you yourself choose the one that fits you the best. 


With e-invoice your invoice will be sent directly to your internet bank.

The only thing you have to do is to approve the payment. You apply for e-invoice in your internet bank, search for “HSB Malmö ekonomisk förening” under the tab “e-faktura”, there you put in the contract number found on your invoice.


Kivra is a digital mailbox.

A lot of companies and agencies, for example the Swedish Social Insurance Company and the Swedish Tax Agency, offer Kivra as a service and as many as 2,5 million Swedes receive their mail there. To receive your invoice in Kivra, the only thing you have to do is to connect to Kivra at or through their app.

Invoice by e-mail

You can get your invoice as a PDF via e-mail.


With autogiro you never have to be afraid of forgetting to pay your rent.

The money is automatically debited from your account on the payment date. You sign up for autogiro in your internet bank, search for "HSB MALMÖ EK FÖR"  below the tab "autogiro", choose bg-nr 5214-3039. We do recommend that you combine autogiro with a notification either through e-invoice, Kivra or invoice by e-mail – since you are not getting a printed notification.

Mitt HSB (My HSB)

You can always find your invoices at

You automatically have a user account and you log in at with Bank ID or your social security number and password.