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Electrolux Professional provides excellence in commercial kitchens, beverage and laundry solutions. Our products enable consumers to live better lives while saving energy, water and resources. We have a firm commitment to sustainability and we understand the positive difference the right tools and instruments can make to everyday life. We pride ourselves on leading in innovation and design, delivering solutions that can make a positive, everyday difference to you and our planet.

Electrolux Professional has equipped The Future Laundry Studio at HSB Living Lab with drying cabinets, tumble dryers, front load washers and base kit pumps with automatic dosing systems. This project is part of The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional, an initiative which focuses on enhancing innovation and research in collaboration with academia, industry and external research centers. The project gives us the opportunity to challenge how we currently deal with textiles as well as develop simpler, more pleasant and sustainable ways of handling the laundry in the future.

With energy-efficient and silent machines, the laundry room becomes a social meeting place for the residents. It’s a unique research platform that gives us the opportunity to work closer to the researchers at the university and by interacting with those living in the lab in a structured way we can learn a lot about how our products may contribute to future living spaces.

For more information please contact:
Viktoria Roos, coordinator at The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional
E-mail: viktoria.roos@electroluxprofessional.com
Tel: +39 338 654 41 56

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