Mycelium Acoustics

I Mycelium Acoustics jobbar vi med att ta fram en 100% komposterbar, mycelium baserad bio-komposit som ska verka akustikdämpande. Resultatet kommer att sättas in i HSB Living Lab för att mätas och utvärderas.

The purpose of the ‘Mycelium Acoustics’ project is to provide a solution for the noise level issues between the common kitchen and living room areas in one of the clusters in the HSB Living Lab using a 100% compostable, mycelium based bio-composite. To decrease the noise level, the material is applied in different ways: on the walls of the connecting spaces and as a barrier between the two rooms, partially filling the 3.5m × 3.5m opening. These panels are designed not only to fulfil the acoustical requirements but also to provide an aesthetical appearance. To measure the efficiency of the applied panels, a step by step application process is planned to quantify the added acoustical value of each installation phase.


Anita Ollár,

Samarbetspartner: Chalmers